The upcoming Norwegian Flow Cytometry Meeting will take place in Tromsø (co-hosted by UiT) from the 5th to the 7th of June 2024.

Please find more information about the pre-course and meeting here

Photo; Svein-Magne Tunli

Located at 69° north, Tromsø and its spectacular surroundings are the perfect location for arctic inspiration to gain more knowledge in flow cytometry. Surrounded by fjords and rugged mountain peaks that remain snow-covered for much of the year, Tromsø is the venue for the 12th NFCF meeting.

Upcoming NFCF meetings:

2024 Tromsø, National Meeting. 5th to 7th of June
2025 Nordic Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark. 20th-22th of August 

Past NFCF meetings:

2003 Oslo, National meeting and establishment of NFCF (2004)
2005 Trondheim, National meeting
2007 Oslo, National Meeting
2009 Bergen, National Meeting
2011 Nordic meeting, Halmstad, Sweeden
2012 Trondheim, National meeting
2014 Oslo, National meeting
2016 Bergen (Solstrand), National meeting
2017 Nordic Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 Bergen, joint meeting with ESCCA
2022 Oslo, Nordic meeting
2024 Tromsø, National meeting


The Norwegian Society of Flow Cytometry (NFCF) aims to gather everyone in Norway who uses flow cytometry as a tool in their daily work, as well as those who want to acquire more knowledge about flow cytometry.

NFCF was officially founded in the summer of 2004, following a call from the first Norwegian flow cytometry meeting that was organized in Oslo in May 2003.

We hope to create a friendly forum for learning, discussions, and the sharing of experiences, with the goal of sparking a greater interest in flow cytometry. NFCF collaborates closely with Nordic flow cytometry associations and is an Associated Society in the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC).

Flow greetings from the NFCF board.

Idun Dale Rein
Hans Christian Aass
Liv Ryan
Brith Bergum
Sonia Gavasso

Corinna Lau
Marte Høen Lein